Our Dragon Slaying Journey!

Boost Blog | Written by Louise Toal, Founder of Furr Boost

Looking back on our time in the Den, when myself, Ian and Alison faced the famous five Dragons, we have been on such a journey since we first started talking to the BBC in early 2023. At the time of applying, it was quite exciting, as the process unfolded, we went with the flow and in-between the interactions we forgot about the last step of actually pitching on the show.

It feels like in no time at all we were at the Studios and being briefed by the Dens team on how the morning would work for us. Being presented with our own dressing room, (proper fancy and all that), to allow us all to relax, including the dogs Phoebe and Frankie, who lucky for them, had no idea what was about to happen and neither did they care​!

My emotions beforehand were so mixed, from remembering the pitch, to forgetting the pitch, to forgetting so many things spinning around in my head. To then be stood at the famous lift doors waiting for the light to turn green and press the lift buttons, that feeling of a very surreal moment being quite overwhelming. And then entering the Den to see the Dragons in their seats and thinking, wow it all looks very different in real life!

The actual time we were in the Den is a lot longer than the edited down, high-speed version you see on the TV. Being stood on the same spot for 2 hours, facing questions on aspects of the business, was in itself a test of the knowledge, that I already knew, somewhere in my brain. Since I had grown the business from an Embryonic idea to the size it is today. The only thing I couldn’t remember is the numbers and that’s when Ian very kindly stepped into support me two weeks before the show!

What happened after the show aired?

Despite all those churned up, mixed feelings about entering the Den, we are thrilled to say we have survived and thrived since our experience. Coming from a food Technology background, due diligence is always at the heart of what you do. However, doing this for the business was a fantastic exercise to sharpen focus, really understand what we were currently doing and what we needed to do for the next stage of growth. The whole process has propelled us into action and streamlined all aspects of the business to work harder, leaner, faster and stronger.

It felt at the time as if we may have gone into the Den 12 months too early, as the numbers we discussed showed the early days investment and losses. Looking back at those figures is like a dark and distant memory. I am delighted to say that sales have grown massively since filming.

Should you be thinking of entering the Den, then it is an enriching and worthwhile experience, with feedback from Dragons being absolutely priceless. The one piece of advice I would give, is do the six P’s and absolutely prepare for your moment in the den, doing the detail, its necessary.

I look back on how far we have come in the 12 months since we started the process and I feel immensely proud, as a team, in what we have achieved!

Louise, Founder of Furr Boost

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  1. As you will be able to see, we have been customers for a few years, and have given positive feedback, both on the original three flavours and the additional three new flavours. We like the bigger boxes now used and find them much more user friendly and, of course, better for the environment. Congratulations and very well done to achieve a place on the programme, never mind getting a Dragon!

    We look forwards to see what happens next and continue with our subscription.

    As well as sending our congratulations, we just wondered if you have considered a similar product for cats? We have our own two cats, and foster for Iris Cats In Need – various ages of cats and kittens and we particularly take on the elderly or poorly cats. Two foster cats currently resident with health issues. Only one of the three cats can drink milk without consequences, our youngest cats drinks a lot of water but the other three don’t drink much at all. We have tried various cat/kitten milks but they aren’t keen. If ever you needed test pilots our furry four paws would love to be involved and would provide a great cross section.

    So great to hear of a success story and we hope Touker Sulayman brings you the special support and profile that a Dragon can.

    Best wishes from Team Hollis.

    1. Thank you for your support and championing us on we are delighted to have you as a customer.
      Whilst Furr Boost is suitable for cats, due to the drinks being natural, we have developed a cat drink and are looking into packaging options, since the cartons need to be much smaller in size, as a cat will only require 50ml and similar to the feeding guide for dogs, this will be a third of their daily fluid intake.

      Watch this space and if you would like your cats to be chief testers, this can be arranged 😉

  2. Have had Furr Boost in the past & would thoroughly recommend it. I have a 14 year old lurcher who doesn’t dri k enough water. By adding Furr Boost to her meals & taking it with us when out (very handy cartons) she drinks a good amount. Loves it too!!

  3. I did catch you on dragons den and as my dog is not hardly drinking I was pleased to see this product and hoping it will solve the problem. I will let you know.

  4. Hi I just wanted to say our dog loves fur boost, but also, is there a chance you could include a twist top closing on the cartons? It would be much more convinent when out for the day or a weekend away I think. Congratulations on the Dragons Den outcome.

    1. We are delighted to hear that Furr Boost is loved by your pooches. We have picked up the cap challenge with our packaging suppliers, to see if there are any options available.

  5. We were recommended your smoothy by the lady on the stand next to yours at the Hylands Park Dog show when our 10 Year old Beagle Dolly had one of her panic attacks. She can be completely impossible to distract but after tasting a sample bowl she zoomed through three more flavours. Thank you so much for being understanding and refilling so readily.
    I am planning to use it as a topper for our dogs breakfast biscuits as Buddy our Pat isn’t enthusiastic in the mornings. I seem to remember you saying we should dilute 50/50 with water when using with biscuits, did I remember correctly? I see nothing on the packet.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Lucy,
      Yes, Furr Boost is suitable for cats, due to it being 100% natural and a lot of canines share with their feline housemates 🙂

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