Feeding Guidelines

Daily Feeding Instructions

Serve in your dogs food bowl either on its own, in-between meals or over food. 

Fresh water should always be readily available.

Ideal for dogs fed on a dry or wet & dry combination diet – may not suit dogs on a raw feeding diet.

0Kg to 5Kg = 1/4 pack

5Kg to 10Kg = 1/2 pack

10Kg to 25Kg = 1 pack

Over 25Kg = 2 packs

The above guidelines are set at a third of your dogs daily water intake, and can be topped up by another two thirds to ensure that your dog is fully hydrated or to help push fluids. Ultimately it’s up you to decide on how much or how little your dogs Furr Boost intake should be, but our drinks can be given daily as part of their feeding routine.


Hydration In Dogs Is Important

Just like you, a dog’s body is around 80 percent water. This water is essential to help dissolve and carry substances throughout their body. It’s also the basis for most processes and chemical reactions that keep a dog healthy.

Digestion, circulation, waste filtering, and body temperature regulation are just a few of the internal processes driven by water.

The water intake of a dog is calculated at 50ml per Kg of body weight, but may need more if the weather is warm, or from exercising, or if taking medication that may dehydrate.

Always ensure that your fur baby has access to clean drinking water