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Phoebe's Story

My Hoo-mum, who worked in the food industry for 20 years, created this well-being drink for me as part of a discovery journey into cleaner, no junk foods for me. Even though she said I was Paw-fect before, she wanted to ensure that I stayed hydrated with a natural ingredient drink, as a refreshing complement to my water, which is always readily available.

Since my Hoo-mum is a food scientist she couldn’t help but review the labels on the packs of the food she was buying and wanted to make sure that I got the best out of the nutrition she fed me and as a busy Beagle, I needed lots of energy for all that wandering and sniffing.

I really look forward to my tasty treat, which can be given daily and is now made available for all dogs like yours. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!


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